2021 – Dr. Michael Phan (Pharm.D. ’18)


Michael Phan is part of the inaugural graduating class of Chapman University School of Pharmacy’s (CUSP’s) Doctor of Pharmacy program. During his time at Chapman, he was active in research and student organizations, serving as president of the American Pharmacist Association/California Pharmacist Association, Academy of Student Pharmacists as well as the board of the Phi Delta Chi professional fraternity. He has been a constant advocate of patient safety and expanding the role of pharmacists in the health care setting, traveling to Sacramento and Washington, D.C., to speak to legislators in support of these goals.

After graduating with his doctorate in pharmacy, he joined CUSP as an assistant research professor and investigated pain management in pediatric patients. Since then, he has continued his research at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, working with the Division of Pharmacovigilance’s pediatric and inborn errors team to examine pediatric drug safety and surveillance in FDA-approved drugs. Although situated on the East Coast, he retains his relationship with Chapman by serving as the emeritus chair of the CUSP Alumni Advisory Board and as an adjunct faculty member at CUSP.