Dr. Tiffany Payton Jameson ’96

Tiffany Jameson

Dr. Tiffany Payton Jameson, Ph.D., MBA, PHR, is an organizational psychologist with her Ph.D. from Grand Canyon University. Additionally, Dr. Jameson earned her Master of Business Administration from Brandman University, formerly part of the Chapman University system, emphasizing accounting, finance and e-business strategy. Dr. Jameson began her educational journey at Chapman University, earning a double Bachelor of Science in computer information systems, graduating with departmental honors, and the other in business administration. Dr. Jameson uses her multidisciplinary experience currently as the managing partner for grit & flow, a purpose-driven consultancy working worldwide to help further the development of workplaces that support the cognitive diversity of each employee and candidate. Dr. Jameson’s area of expertise is the field of neurodivergent studies (neurodiversity), an area covering autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, mental health and mental illness.

She spreads her vision passionately through her work with organizations to revise their practices and processes to be inclusive, including refining hiring practices, onboarding and training programs to be neuro-inclusive and accessible for all learning styles and preferences. As an international speaker and guest lecturer, she has expanded the discussion of inclusive workplaces to organizations and cultures of all types. Her two LinkedIn Learning courses, “Hiring and Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace” and “Understanding and Supporting ADHD Colleagues in the Workplace,” have over 50,000 learners, and her third course on autism in the workplace is under construction. Dr. Jameson has completed and published research on the hiring intentions toward autistic candidates, in addition to numerous other articles on topics such as expanding data analytics in the diversity, equity and inclusion space, transitioning autistic youth into employment and various other articles on issues related to working for autistic job seekers. Dr. Jameson’s team at grit & flow has received grants from the State of California and the State of Connecticut to train individuals responsible for transitioning neurodivergent and disabled young adults into employment. Dr. Jameson is continually seeking organizations to continue research on closing the gap on successful and meaningful work for all.